Peter Olsson better known as Sten Dhödh has launched a fundraiser to treat his cancer. The Substansiv Techno founder is fundraising for upcoming surgeries and rehabilitation as well as securing the future of his brand, Substansiv.

Swedish-based techno organisation and podcast series Substansiv has been a refuge for both up-and-coming and established techno artists across the globe. The brand has welcomed guest mixes from artists such as Grace Dahl, Casual Treatment, Laura Van Hal, Samantha Togni, Joel Mull, D. Carbone, Valerie Ace and more.

The founder of Substansiv Peter also known as Sten Dhödh is now urging for financial support. Peter has revealed that he once again is suffering from cancer and in the last year, new tumours have been found in his right arm. “This is not my first fight with cancer, but one of my toughest ones.”

Peter’s surgeries and treatments have been received well so far, but his road to recovery is a long and expensive one. Peter hasn’t had much time or money for the healing process, and he must focus on rehabilitation and rest. As a result of all of his treatments being far from home, Peter is now stuck in a cycle of debt and sleepless nights.

You can donate to Peter’s GoFundMe here.

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