UK techno party Teletech yesterday released a statement saying they will be cancelling or rehousing their forthcoming shows in E1 London amidst the controversy surrounding owner’s Yuval Hen affiliation with the Israel Defence Forces. The Manchester-based party said via Instagram “We’re aware of the situation surrounding E1. This Friday’s show and all future shows are in the process of being rehoused/cancelled until we can find a viable venue option to accommodate them.”

Manchester techno party Teletech has indicated that all of its planned events would be relocated or cancelled from E1. Teletech is the largest external party affiliated with the London venue.

Freddy K‘s Key Vinyl club night and party also cancelled their event due to take place at E1. A boycott effort has placed pressure on promoters, punters, and DJs to quit supporting the club after owner Yuval Hen was seen actively serving for the IDF during Israel’s ground assault on Gaza, which surfaced last Instagram in a joint post shared by Ravers For Palestine and Writers Against The War On Gaza (WAWOG).

Irish DJ blk. was due to play an all-night-long set for Teletech at E1 on the 26th of April but this has also been cancelled due to the party cutting ties with the London club. blk. wrote via Instagram “London all-night-long show is currently in the process of being moved to another venue.” He followed with a love heart and Palestine flag.

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