The Arts Council has launched The Traditional Arts Policy Survey to help revise policy, strategy and initiatives to best meet the needs of artists, participants and audiences in the future. This poll is part of a larger study and consultation process that will serve as the foundation for the Traditional Arts Policy.

The Arts Council has released this survey in a bid to help better understand the perspectives and priorities of traditional arts practitioners, traditional arts organisations and groups, festivals, venues, and others who support and promote the traditional arts. The poll focuses on the Arts Council’s existing and future activities in sustaining and developing traditional arts in Ireland. The new Traditional Arts Policy is expected to be published at some point in 2024.

Traditional arts in Ireland include music, song, dance, and the oral arts, which include storytelling and particular Irish-language forms such as agallamh beirte and libn. These artforms have been orally taught for generations, and hence have continuity with prior artistic practice and repertoire.

This survey is for completion by professional artists, groups, organisations and individual practitioners working within the traditional arts. This applies even if their work in the arts is not their main source of income or they have other employment. 

The information gathered will be used to inform policy development. The data will also assist us in developing a more complete image of the traditional arts sector, which will inform future studies.

You can fill out the survey here.

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