Tresor Berlin is offering six young people the opportunity to learn how to run a nightclub. Applications for the paid scheme close next Monday, November 20th.

The iconic Berlin institution Tresor is starting a mentoring program to uncover the next generation of nightclub managers. Six young people will participate in the 12-week course, where they will get training and hands on work experience.

The 12-week mentoring course in spring 2024 will give paid, theoretical and practical experience of club administration and will be run out of Kraftwerk Berlin by Tresor’s owner Dimitri Hegemann, Tresor’s former booker Diana Alagi, and sociologist Martin Fuller.

“We want to see more clubs and venues, not only in the big cultural metropoles, but also in smaller cities where people often – too often – don’t have access to this important part of culture. Subcultural spaces like clubs are enriching for both people and cities: they offer a space for communities to form, and a place for collective ecstatic experiences.” [Martin Fuller Via Resident Advisor.]

“They’re good for cities because young people are less likely to move away when they have community and a space they love, which has long-term economic and social benefits.”

You can apply for the mentorship program here.

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