Berlin’s techno institution, Tresor is set to open its door’s for the first time in two years next weekend. We caught up with some Irish act’s that have got behind the wheel in the infamous booth, to share their memories of Tresor.

The history of Tresor lay’s firmly between the walls of the buildings framework, carrying an energy of techno’s history. The club and label has been instrumental in the rise of techno and continues to push boundaries on both the dance floor and on 12 inch.

The re-opening weekend boasts a rather hefty lineuo on both Friday and Saturday including;

Friday: Ciarra Black, DJ Stingray 313, LUZ1E, Madalba, Live: Minimal Violence, Parand, Live: Alessandro Nero presents Trin1ty, Steve, Zadig presents Day is Dying.

Saturday: Dinamite, Function, Janina, Levon Vincent, Mareena, Steve Bicknell, XDB.

As the re-opening weekend looms we thought it would be interesting to catch up with some Irish act’s that have played the iconic venue to share their experiences.


“Something I’ll never forget, approaching such an institution with my record bag in tow – so surreal. Entering as a DJ for the first time. Being led behind the decks into that infamous cage. Stepping up to play to a packed Tresor. What a dream.”

Pineal Navigation

“It was an honour to play there and get to be apart of the history and experience the club from the other side of the decks. The bonus was that both myself and one my best mates Doug Cooney got to make our debuts together along side Mareena (Resident) for her New Faces night. We had lots of friends and family that travelled with us so was top night. Super happy it’s opening again and can’t wait to return.”


“Tresor is far far more then just a club…… it is a living breathing institution that has given so much to what we call techno”


“Its amazing it’s opening up again, I am so happy. Put me behind the bars”

Jon Hussey

“Tresor is a phenomenal club to play in and you can literally feel the historic energy embedded in the space and energy there which the crew amazingly managed to transfer into the new venue, creating an even better space. The power and clarity of sound while playing in the DJ booth is intense and you feel fully immersed, just like being on the best dancefloor!”


“When I got into techno over 25 years ago Tresor was without a doubt THE biggest and best label about for me. It encompassed everything that techno was at that time, from the proper lush stuff from Detroit legends like Juan Atkins and Blake Baxter to the completely obscure off kilter, hard jacking wonky stuff from Landstumm and Vogel etc I got into pretty much every style of techno going at the time just from that one label. So to be invited to go over a play at the club many years later after being such a big fan of everything they did was quite possibly the biggest moment of my DJ career to date and definitely by far my favourite gig. Playing behind those bars was everything I imagined it to be and everything a techno gig should be. A dark dingy industrial basement, one strobe, one laser, one light and possibly one of the best sound systems you could play on. No fuss and all the attention on the music. The crowd was unreal too, proper rowdy for a Berlin crowd I thought but it turned out there was a big Irish crowd in that so that made it feel that bit more special.”

Doug Cooney

“Tresor was a massive musical milestone for me as an artist due to it being the respected mecca of Techno. Coincidently both Niall Dunne (Pineal Navigation) & I were booked to play Tresor New Faces by the Legendary Berlin resident Mareena. We have recently started working on fresh Live Performance material under the banner ‘RSCH 14’ as we released our first 12” together on Vision collector records adding a serendipitous feel to the occasion.”

Keep up to date with events and releases from Tresor HERE.

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