The UK government has agreed to create a music industry working group to discuss music-maker payment with regard to streaming. The committee will include music industry professionals and representatives who will “explore and develop industry-led actions that support fair remuneration for existing and future music creators.”

The UK government has set up a new working group that is designed to tackle the issue of musician’s payments and royalties with regard to streaming. Music makers have been calling for a specific remuneration working group for some time.

The working group was announced yesterday by the Culture, Media, and Sport Committee. This follows an investigation into music streaming in October 2020, the findings of the report saw the group call for a ‘complete reset’ in terms of streaming pay for artists.

“The creation of a working group we have been calling for is a welcome step towards addressing the frustrations of musicians and songwriters whose pay falls far short of a fair level given their central role in the success of the music streaming industry,”. Gosport MP.

“The Government must now make sure the group is more than a talking shop and leads to concrete change so the talented creators and performers we have in this country are properly rewarded for their creativity.

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