VTSS released her new single ‘Make You Scream’ on Ninja Tune today. The video features VTSS’s vocals as the techno star pushes into a new chapter in her musical journey.

VTSS has been pushing boundaries in recent times, from left-field techno, to genre defying sets, to machine driven live sets, the Polish techno star is known to defy what is expected from a techno producer and DJ. Her new single ‘Make You Scream’ is one of her most ambitious projects yet, and ventures into new territories.

‘Make You Scream’ marks a new era in the journey of VTSS. This follows the collaborative single with LSDXOXO, ‘Goin Nuts’ which was a forward thinking look into the Berlin techno scene at the present time. This single also follows up VTSS’s recent release ‘Projections’ on Ninja Tune, which was one of her first step’s away from blistering techno into more nimble drum territories with varying moods and tempos.

The Polish born DJ and producer dips her feet into darkwave on ‘Make You Scream’, capturing the gleefully distorted side of the genre. Her vocals along with shrieking synth lines, make for a moody yet rejoicing single on the coveted Ninja Tune.

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