Dali Cork have been a stronghold within the resurgence of Cork’s modern day electronic music community with a specific onus on tough techno. The Dali crew have now announced the first edition of a one day festival in Cork with Giant Swan, Manni Dee, Redshape, Sunil Sharpe, Maedbh O’connor and more.

Cork is strived of spaces for dance music, and the loss of Dali was a massive blow to their electronic music community. While the community is strong and they’ve been utilising various spaces, the community is missing the spaces for multifunctional events with the potential for international show’s.

Dali have been keeping busy since the close of their venue with number amount of one off events and the launch of Dali FM during lockdown. The team have been continuously using forward thinking spaces and supporting local talent, now they’ve gone a step further with their 1 day festival, Audio Assault.

7 years ago, there were barely any parties happening in Cork. It was a dead city for us electronic music heads. It was a city built for normies, all us freaks had very little places to go. So Dali was born , in a disused sauna on McCurtain street and the rest is history. It’s been a crazy ride and we’re soooo not done yet. I think ye will agree, nobody can replicate the craic and the fun we have down here and Cork, and we want to celebrate with you all by throwing our biggest party yet Jazz Weekend October 29th.

You can purchase tickets HERE.

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