Fight Night return to Tengu with one of their biggest show’s yet as they welcome footwork royalty DJ Paypal alongside a strong outfit of local talent. The team aim to create space that emphasises cross-cultural conversation between crowd and performers.

Fight Night aims to introduce minority (POC & Queer) communities & scenes to culturally relevant club spaces in Ireland. The team now present their biggest show to date as they welcome DJ Paypal and a host of revered local DJs to Tengu on September 15th.

Following a number of collaborations with prominent DIY collectives such as Honeypot, Dublin Modular, and Sim Simma, as well as musicians such as DJ Kuroneko and Harmful Logic, Fight Night intend to focus their next event on Black music and art.

Fight Night has invited DJ Paypal to headline their Irish debut, as well as DJ Rashad’s famed footwork label Teklife. Fight Night will keep their “Culture Clash” fighting game aesthetic at the forefront of the event, with DJs from all backgrounds going sound for sound and style for style to create a space that not only facilitates minority cultures in Ireland, but also emphasises cross-cultural conversation between them.

You can purchase tickets here.

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