Human Error and Bodytonic join forces to bring Lone to the Wigwam basement this Saturday. Lone is one of the UK’s most coveted DJs and producers in the game at the moment, the revered producer will be bringing a flurry of breaks, stabs, spin-backs and out and out energy to Abbey Street’s fabled venue.

Matt Cutler better known as Lone has been making his mark on the UK’s music scene over the last decade, putting out a multitude of classic records that have helped to define a sound that’s been influencing the next wave of promising acts.

Lone regularly releases on the coveted R & S Records as well as featuring on Dekamentel, Werk Discs, Wigflex, his own imprint Magicwire Lone Recordings and more. Lone’s distinct yet broad spanning sound has been capturing listeners and lighting up dance-floors all around the globe for over the course of a decade.

Lone moves through classic UK sounds, bringing a new life to rave memories. The forward thinking producer has dipping his fingers in an assortment of sounds, ultimately shaping a melodic, ravey and dance-floor focussed sound.

It’s been three years since Lone has touched down on Irish shores and this should be nothing short of insane. Prepare to sweat as a modern day UK legend takes you through a ravey trip.

You can purchase tickets HERE.

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