The DJ tech giants have announced the details of their latest controller model, the DDJ-1000.

The new controller contains an array of new features while still maintaining the aspects of controllers that have made the equipment so useful for DJs everywhere.

The DDJ-100 somewhat bridges the gap between controllers and CDJs by combining the key characteristics of both into one. The jog wheels will now contain the LCD screen displaying the waveform BPM.

There are 16 effects pads on the controller as well being able to adjust the weight of the jog wheel as if it’s a CDJ, however it still needs to be hooked to up a laptop.

This is a welcome step for all DJs as Pioneer are really bringing together the DJM and CDJ models into one somewhat affordable package as the DDJ-1000 ends up costing €1129 altogether. It will be available to purchase by the end of the week.

Check out their video below where they break down all of the new features as well as how each part functions alongside brand new software from Rekordbox.


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