The Lockdown Series is our latest series in which we invite some friends of ours to choose 10 tracks they feel are essential listening to get you through this lockdown and isolation period.

We’ll be bringing you the picks of some local and international names which will be sure to make your quarantine a little bit easier. These songs selected by the artists will be both a representation of what they play and what they’ll be listening to in their downtime during lockdown, a deeper dive into the minds and tastes of the DJs you love.

For the third edition of the series we have a former writer turned DJ and Galway icon; Shampain;

At the minute I’m stuck in my parents house as I’d planned on moving abroad and it all fell apart in the space of two days, so the playlist the past 20 or so days has been much more varied than usual. I’ve tried not to listen to too much techno and grime, or intense music that would usually be my bread and butter, as I’m just wanting to get in the mood to go out and smash something up, so have been staying more so on an upbeat note across a rake of genres. 

The other cool thing about being stuck in the room that you grew up in is that I find myself finding loads of old CDs I used to have on repeat ALL the time. Whether they’re good is a different story, but I burnt them all onto my old Sony Ericsson, before there was streaming on your phone, so plenty of the music in this room is associated with a lot of good and an awful lot of bad memories that stemmed from my surroundings here too!

1. Novelist – The Ghetto

This is off Nov’s latest EP ‘Inferno’, and I’m pretty sure he has a couple more releases due this year, hopefully sooner rather than later. Although being in the middle of Conemara is different to the Lewisham he outlines in the track, similarities can often be drawn subjectively.

2. April – New Conditions

Quick vibe check coming from one of the best talents on the island right now in April. I’ve had it on repeat the past few days since it came out and I really love the artwork. 

3. TAFKAMP – Phunkey

This is the perfect music for right now if you’re to look at it in a very contrived way, which obviously I am. To me, TAFKAMP’s music is really perfect in terms of the fact that it sounds half-finished and unpolished. Listening to this and the INDRUKKEN tape throughout this epidemic gives a real picture into the raw sounds that’re presumably being cooked up in home studios all around the world right now. 

4. ayrtn – EDGAR DAVIDS

I’m saving this in some ways for the day life gets back to normal. I found an old pair of sunglasses last week that defo have that Davids look and I’ve got a good collection of Juve jerseys that’ll help fit the bill in the rave when this blows over. 

5. Travi$ Scott – COFFEE BEAN

I’ve also had this inexplicable obsession with Travis Scott the past few weeks too. Maybe it’s because I’m looking at him getting the key to Houston and planning on doing the same in Galway in a few years to come, or maybe it’s because this is somewhat reminiscent of ‘Runaway’ on Kanye’s ‘My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Fantasy’, minus the Kanye bullshit. 

6. Daft Punk – Revolution 909

The intro on what is most definitely one of the most legendary tracks of all time is what’s getting me through the lockdown the most. I’m just envisioning everyone partying for months on end to the tune of this sort of feel good intensity while all hell probably breaks loose due to the economy being fucked up and stuff. 

7. Louis King & Brain Rays – Why Pree? (Alt Mix)

I found this EP going on a deep dive for my latest Rinse France show and it’s just my favourite type of music and a track that’ll be in the lion’s share of my sets for a good while! 

8. Turnstiles – Tantrum

Repping G Town on this one with one of the city’s finest talents in the Turnstiles boys. This is their most recent track and it’s funny listening to it here in the gaf, seeing as one of the members; Jake Tiernan, used to stay over the odd time when we were in school. 

9. Endlec – Atitlo

Found this recently and it’s really good. That is all. 

10. Action Bronson ft. Party Supplies & Black Atlass – A Light in the Addict

Probs in my top 10 tunes of all time and it’s hitting particularly different right now. 

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