The nightclub industry is just a mere 11 days from reopening after its longest spell closed in its history. Most clubs have announced their anticipated reopening weekends and punters have secured their tickets but another spanner in the works emerges for Dublin club patrons as the Dublin Nitelink bus service will not return on October 22nd.

It’s no secret that Dublin is starved of a transport system that supports a growing capital city for one of the richest countries in Europe, this puts huge constraints on numerous industries including the entrainment and nightlife industry. The National Transport Authority have confirmed that there “are no current plans” when asked about the re-launch of the night-time bus service. This puts serious limitations on clubbers come October 22nd as they try to navigate to their homes from such events.

The decision to not introduce the night-time bus service on October 22nd will put late-night punters under financial pressure as in many case’s the price of a taxi along with a tickets and the cost of attending these nights is too much for a single night.

Club goers from certain areas may now to have make a decision on wether attending these club nights will be affordable based on the conclusion from the National Transport Authority.

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