Sam Greenwood and Aeron XTC dig through their vast musical libraries and discuss the tunes that helped soundtrack and define their long-term careers inside various clubs ahead of their all-night-long B2B in Tengu this Saturday.

Sam Greenwood and Aeron XTC have spent the majority of their lives promoting, DJing, and attending techno events throughout the UK and Ireland. The long-time friends first met on the dancefloor many moons ago, and like that friend who refuses to leave the party, they’re still here today. Their dedication and love for curating techno showcases in Dublin City Centre is fuelled by their faith in the power of the dancefloor.

Greenwood and Aeron XTC take a trip down memory lane as they explore the quintessential club tracks that have helped soundtrack various time periods throughout the years, ahead of their 4-hour B2B at Tengu on Saturday.

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A track that reminds you of Hangar?

Clouds – Complete Control (Slam Remix) [Soma]

“There are too many tracks that remind me of Hangar to be honest, it’s pretty impossible to pick, but Slam and Clouds were regulars over the years and I along with a few others unquestionably rinsed this tune.” SG

A track that reminds you of the Building Society parties?

De Sluwe Vos – OG Anthem [Albion Records]

“Again, it’s a tough pick and the fact it’s not a techno track might surprise a few, however, we’d book De Sluwe Vos a few times down the years to play with us. A really lovely fella who looked forward to eating at CrackBird as much as playing in Dublin. I have fond memories of this track in Wigwam’s basement.” SG

A track that reminds you of your club night ‘The Priory’?

Dave Clarke – What Was Her Name [Skint Records]

“It’s no secret I was a Dave Clarke fanboy and still am, but when Dave Clarke’s Devils Advocate album came out that whole album would get played by myself, James or George religiously. James and I would take turns to play this out, giving each other the ‘go on then’ nod when one of us was to pull out the record. It was an electro-new disco era and this tune fitted nicely.” SG

Paul Woolford – Erotic Discourse [20:20 Vision]

“A firm firm Priory Cambridge classic. I’d rinse it, guests would rinse it and Paul Woolford would rinse it at our party. Our booking policy was just to save as much money as we could from resident parties and blow it all on our favourite acts, Woolford was one of those acts. A lovely fella back then and a legend of the game now.” SG

Your favourite opening track?

Stephen Mahoney – The Hammer [Delinquent Delivery]

“I’ve got a big folder of tunes especially for taking over and transitioning from the DJ before to myself, but I’ve found myself always at Stephen Mahoney’s track ‘The Hammer’. It’s the perfect ‘ok there’s a new DJ on’ now track and gives you time to settle in and get a vibe for what’s going on and what direction you want to move in. An Irish DJ and producer with so many weapons, but this one for me is a staple.” SG

Your favourite closing track?

Underworld – King Of Snake (Dave Clarke Remix) [JBO]

“SHOCKER! Another Dave Clarke track haha, but I absolutely love this track. The original is special and the Dave Clarke remix is just the cream on top, making this a dance floor shaker, coupled with the unmissable Underworld vocal this has been my favourite lights on its time to go home track to play.” SG

A track that reminds you of your club night ’Trainwreck’?

Butch – No Worries [Cécille Records]

“Lots come to mind, but I’m sure this one is etched into everybody’s minds from that period.” A

A track that reminds you of running raves?

WK7 – The Avalanche [Power House]

“This track brings me right back to the point of running 2 raves a weekend when it was first released. Cutting through sweaty rooms full of people who’d all be out at different clubs earlier that night. Some incredible times.” A

A track that you associate with Research parties?

Nathan Jones – Right of Passage [Ogma Records]

“I’ve heard this track dropped at so many Research parties. An extremely powerful and effective energy lifter. It’s so hypnotic and timeless but has this high energy in there. Snakebite_616 is a great Irish producer who just baffles other producers, his tracks are always just so nice. Ogma is a beautiful label too, curated by Fuinneamh Festival’s Luke Reddy.” A

Your favourite opening track?

Tropic of Cancer – Stop Suffering [Blackest Ever Black]

“I opened the last night at the old District 8 (Tivolo Theatre) with this track. It’s so beautiful and full of emotion, that I had to find a way to play it. It felt really powerful that night.” A

Your favourite closing track?

August Tange – United By Love [Janushoved]

“For this one, the track name is really apt. It just brings such amazing energy, massive and delicate at the same time. The perfect closing track for me. There’s something about it that really connects with people.” A

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