Jamie Behan’s Bastardo Electrico label celebrated its 20th anniversary as a label with a Hör Berlin takeover from some of the most celebrated DJs within techno & electro. The takeover had music from Jamie Behan B2B Alienata, Sunil Sharpe and Ben Sims, which is heaven for many techno gurus.

Bastardo Electrico has been a consistent purveyor of quality techno in Ireland for many years. The label has been home to coveted names including DJ Bone, Sunil Sharpe, Flexure, Fish Go Deep, Doug Cooney and many more. The label has somewhat defied the confinements of genre imprisonment and dabbled in contrasting sounds that caught the eye of label head Jamie Behan.

The label has taken a short sabbatical from releasing music on recent times, and has focussed its eye on showcasing stellar takeover on the esteemed Hör Berlin. Some recent showcases have hosted the likes of Stef Mendesidis, UVB, Rebekah, Sunil Sharpe and more.

Jamie celebrated 20 years of parties, releases, takeovers and more with one of the most star studded lineups the label has ever seen, as the Cork native invites some of the respected names in techno to the notorious green bathroom in Berlin.

The takeover kicked off with Alienata B2B Jamie Behan, which was a stunning showcase of chunky broken rhythms as the pair raced through techno and electro grooves. The exciting pairing saw Spain and Cork collide for a banging hour of squelchy synth lines, pounding bass hits and adventitious selections.

Next on the weighty lineup was the godfather of Irish techno Sunil Sharpe, and the Earwiggle boss man was in flighting form as he scurried through an amalgamation of all things bass heavy, nasty, funky and earth shattering. From weird and wonderful cuts from Gesloten Cirkel & Paul Birken, to the dystopian soaked carnage of Mani Festo & Jeff Amadeus, this was out and out warfare from the Dublin general.

Finishing off the 20th anniversary celebrations was Symbolism and Hardgroove label head Ben Sims for his Hör debut, and his first appearance was well worth the wait. As usual there was absolutely no fucking around as Sims was straight in with three decks from the get go, and one of the UK’s most celebrated DJs showed exactly why he’s so praised. Sim’s coast’s through over 40 tracks within the hour without breaking a sweat and what is surely now known as the record for the most tracks played in a Hör set. Simply a masterclass.

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