Moving Still recently made his first appearance on Boiler Room in London for SWANA party Middle Of Nowhere. The Irish based selector runs through his usual style of middle eastern soaked rhythms while infusing rave classics, italo nuances and acid bangers to a crowd that are firmly locked in the groove.

Moving Still made his milestone debut on Boiler Room for SWANA party Middle Of Nowhere in London last November. The event marked the landmark first ever SWANA line up for Boiler Room in the UK, and was curated by Middle Of Nowhere founder NOORIYAH.

2022 was a monumental year for Moving Still, as the Dublin Digital Radio resident went from strength to strength as the months progressed. A release on Palms Trax‘s Cooking With Palms Trax label was one of the many highlights as well as playing sold out show’s across London, Paris, Tilburg and inclusions on coveted Spotify playlists. Moving Still’s debut on Boiler rounded off an impressive year of musical endeavours.

Moving Still’s debut on Boiler Room is everything you’ve come to expect from the seasoned selector and so much more as he moves through shifting territories drawn from varied cultures with a tenacious energy that captures the crowd with sheer poise. From sizzling breakbeats to eurodance classics, all the way round to SWANA inspired anthems, this Boiler Room is a lesson in dynamic selections.

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