Brawni unveiled the video to his lead single Tubular Bells on Cabal yesterday. The video takes you backwards in time into the heart of an occult session in the heart of Limerick City.

Limerick party starters Cabal have built a reputation as passionate individuals who care deeply about the culture they contribute to. With a strong focus on nurturing local talent and a creative obsession with stretching the concept of a club night into new and exciting shapes, it was only natural that Cabal would eventually evolve into a label.

The genesis release comes from Irish producer brawni, who follows up a series of captivating natural landscape live analog videos with a killer four tracker; effortlessly navigating through spooky bass, grimey electro and oddball bleep, delivered in the producer’s distinctive clean, minimal style.

“The name brawni comes from the saying brains over brawns”, he says. “This music is more “brawns over brains”. It’s literally just my physical will to make music and make it for the sake of it rather than thinking of a concept behind it.” 

The footage for the lead single, ‘Tubular Bells’, is inspired by the idea of a party becoming taboo during the period of national lockdown. Taking the shape of some sort of satanic, underground dance music cult, the video was shot as a one long tracking shot, diving straight into the heart of the party, and shot in reverse as glasses shatter, break and fix themselves and wine bottles magically refill, and brawni’s blend of dutty club sounds and horror-movie aesthetics bring a sense of control amongst the carnage.

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