Cabal have been running stand out parties in Limerick since the collectives inception in 2017, they now launch their highly anticipated label, Cabal Records. The first look inside the label comes through a live analogue performance from Irish producer Brawni, who will provide the first EP on wax on Cabal Records.

Limerick party Cabal have been behind some of the best events in Ireland since their inception in February 2017. The crew have been running D.I.Y parties for over five years now, with all working for the events coming from someone in the crew as it’s comprised of DJs, producers, designers, visual artists, photographers, and videographers. The brand has grown from its humble beginnings in The Stormy Cup Cafe to hosting 2,000 people in the grounds of the University of Limerick, bringing artists such as Cromby, Holly Lester, and Kojaque along for the ride across events spanning house, techno, breaks, hip-hop, and more.

Cabal have always strived to push local talent, and running parties in their own unique way, it seemed the logical next step to transform their party into a label. The genesis release comes from Irish producer brawni who has been making waves throughout the local circuit thanks to his self-produced live session videos in a variety of natural locations in Lisbon, Lanzarote and Corralejo. Inspired by the concept of overthinking, brawni exists as its opposite. 

“The name brawni comes from the saying brains over brawns”, he says. “This music is more “brawns over brains”. It’s literally just my physical will to make music and make it for the sake of it rather than thinking of a concept behind it.” 

Inspired by hardware fanatic’s such as Sweely, Lightbath and Helen Volsinger, brawni’s latest offering sees the artist performing on his modular set-up atop a hill on the island of La Gomera, off the coast of Tenerife. Working on tv and film sets as a day job has its advantages, one of them being the ability to travel. Brawni will often take a few days off wherever he is, find a beautiful natural location and shoot a live performance video.

“I hope people take a few things from these videos”, he says. “I hope it inspires people to get out there and explore the world around them. There’s so many beautiful places to see, even just around the corner from where you live. If you want to do some bat shit crazy shit like this you can figure it out. You just need to make sure you can get yourself around the right people that can help you achieve these things. Then anything is possible.”

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