Irish producer Dislover unleashes his most unforgiving release yet, as he readies his ‘Everything Falls Apart All The Time’ EP for release next month. Today he released the music video for ‘FEAR X’, a gritty look at Belfast riots in the 200’s, accompanied by a teeth grinding industrial soundtrack.

Following plays on NTS and Rinse France from electronic contemporaries Aya and LU2K, and support from Kerrang for their remix of Metal band Heriot’s Profound Mortality, Irish producer Dislover readies his harshest and most-urgent work to date; inspired by the sounds of early 00’s metal & post-hardcore and the political & social environment that the producer calls home.

Today the youngster released the music video for FEAR X from his ‘Everything Falls Apart All The Time’ EP. The turbulent music video channels a feeling of chaos through both the visuals of upheavel in his hometown of Belfast in the 2000’s, alongside the crushing industrial sounds. The release blurs the lines between gabber, rave, deconstructed club, dub and hardcore – something altogether more urgent, and reflective of the turbulent period the UK and Ireland’s society finds itself in.

“I definitely wanted to capture a different aesthetic with each track”, they say. “FEAR X is influenced by a lot of rave andhardcore I was listening to, specifically the Ruffneck Records roster. NERVE is a grinding industrial/noise rager, and TERRA is my attempt at doing something akin to the heavy crushing dub sonics of The Bug and Zonal.”

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