We’re counting down the days until we’re let loose at Otherside Festival this weekend. With an eclectic lineup boasting everything from trad to techno, you can expect a lot of high jinx at their inaugural event.

From local heroes to international heavyweights, the newest addition to the Irish festival circuit has already earned a reputation for having their finger on the pulse. Whether it’s a hedonistic celebration or a more chilled affair you’re looking for, there is truly something for everyone.

Read on for our top reasons to go:

1. Location, Location and ehm.. Location

Seriously though, this site is tops for exploring and adventuring. Nestled deep in the forests of the Boyne Valley, sitting in the shadow of the famous Slane Castle, Rock Farm is an eco-sustainable farm and glamping village. Rambling through the woods after a feast of tunes simply screams SUMMER BUZZES. Breath in that forest air.

2. Did someone say hot tub?

Yes, they’ve gone there. Let’s be honest, as much as we love wiping the grime and sweat that’s accumulated over a weekends casual debauchery of a Monday, we can be a site for sore eyes. And what better way to relax after a ton of dancing than submerging yourself in a hot tub under the open sky. Tubs can fit 6 people, choose wisely.

3. That lineup tho!

From house and disco, to trad and hip hop, there’s something for every mood. Go with an open mind and allow yourself to be blown away by this specially curated line up of talented artists. Check out our top picks of local and international acts to watch out for here and here.

4. If you’re in need of a laugh..

Then the Otherside lineup has you covered! Not just a pretty face, the guys behind the festivities have booked some of the gassest c*nts we know, up for divilment and ready to crack you up with their silly ways. Some of the folk joining them this weekend will be Tony Cantwell, Shane Byrne, Anna Clifford, and Michael Fry, to name a few. It’s been a long few years, you deserve a good laugh!

5. Camping options are plenty

Whatever your plans, Otherside Festival has you covered. From general camping to the comfy yurts in the glamping area, you can also treat yourself to a pre-set up tent ready for your arrival so that all you have to do is show up!

6. Food on the Otherside

Festival food has really upgraded in the last few years but Otherside Festival are taking it to another level entirely. Not only can you fuel up from plenty of local food vendors, there is a banquet style restaurant on site, available for brunch and evening meals. Ideal for making up for lost time with mates, book here to avoid disappointment.

7. One for the night owls

If you’re partial to a bit of late night dancing, then dust off those dancing shoes, it’s time to start stomping some ground. Whether it’s a late night trad session curated by Dublin’s much loved pub The Cobblestone or dance music under the canopy of the forest curated by a much loved dance music magazine (you got it in one, it’s us, well the Saturday is) there will be plenty of late night antics for the adventurous to unfold.

8. Day ticket upgrade

For anyone venturing for the day, let’s be realistic, you might well want to stay. Pre-empt the fun you’re going to have now, and upgrade your day ticket so you can camp that night too. See Saturday upgrade here and Sunday upgrade here.

9. Swimming Pool

Well it’s actually a lake, but we’ll take it. Wash away your sins and grab that coveted ‘I’m at a festival having the time of my life’ selfie.

10. It’s Irish

We love to see Irish festivals come in to their own, and what’s more we love to see them help Irish artists do just that too. Otherside festival have programmed a lineup that’s really representative of our culture and love for having the craic. The focus on food, wellness and just generally looking after yourself and those around you comes through in all that they do. We already love this festival, and we hope to be going from here on in. Get behind their first year, and in 10 years time you’ll be telling your mates you were there from the beginning.

Weekend camping tickets can be purchased here, alongside day tickets. See you on the dance floor.

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