As the quarantine and lock down continues in Ireland, Italy and Spain to name a few, companies across the world have all pitched in to try help people stay occupied and busy and creative.

This time, Moog & Korg have made some of their synth apps free to download for users. They have now made the MiniMoog Model D and Kaosillator available free of charge. Unfortunatelt the MiniMoog is only available on IOS but Android users can download the Kaosillator.

These will be guaranteed to cure some of your quarantine boredom.

Don’t leave it too long however as you can only download them as Android users have this offer until March 20th, and IOS users until March 31st.

If you’re still at a loose end, be sure to check out Surgeon’s contribution to the people during lockdown here. He has released a mic entitled ‘Self Isolation Vol.1.’

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