We’ve got a massive premiere to kick off the week as legendary UK techno producer Planetary Assault Systems steps up to remix Italian producer Mattia Trani. The Mote Evolver boss gives ‘One More Step’ the P.A.S. treatment as he steps up with a hammering rework, leaning on pummeling low-end and relentless percussive workouts. We premiere the track alongside the music video on our Youtube channel.

Pushmaster Discs and Mattia Trani present one of the most authoritative techno remix LPs of the year as the Italian producer showcases a rework compilation of his last album “Scenery”. Mattia invited his favourite producers of the past and present to create their own vision of his music. The remix album is due 30 June and will be released on vinyl, split in 3 parts, and digital.

The LP presents remixes from a broad spectrum of techno producers, spanning various sounds, textures, eras, and flavours, the LP is an all-encompassing look into Mattia Trani’s influences and vision of techno. The LP presents remixes from Robert Hood, Ken Ishii, Marcel Dettmann, Paul Ritch, Luigi Madonna, Lee Ann Roberts, & more.

We present the remix from modern-day legend Planetary Assault Systems aka Luke Slater. The UK techno don conjures up a classic-sounding P.A.S. rework, leaning into percussively functional tracks in his arsenal that have been wrecking dancefloors within recent years. Slater show’s shades of early Mills on his remix, jacking up the swing and intensity, creating a whirlpool of scrambling percussive intensity. Slater doesn’t hold back, presenting one of his most intense pieces of works as of late, dialling up the distortion and picking up the pace for an in-your-face techno weapon. When Planetary Assault System releases music, you stop, you listen and you dance.

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