Ableton launched their newest venture, Ableton Note yesterday. The app is a place to start ideas, experiment with sounds and find direction from your phone.

Ableton always have their finger on the pulse when it comes to forward thinking ways of producing music. The recent addition to the Ableton family, Note is no different and the app pushes creativity into a new medium as producers can sketch out ideas within minutes without having to open a laptop or get into the studio.

The app gives producers the freedom to rapidly jot down ideas or play until you find one using Note’s drum kits, melodic instruments and synth sounds. Or create your own sound palette by recording the sounds around you into Note’s sampler instruments.

The app allows users to play just for fun, or start song ideas and continue in Live. Using Ableton Cloud, you can send your Note Set to Live without leaving the app. Then keep working with all the same devices as in Note, but with additional parameters available. You can edit all your MIDI notes, and all your samples and sounds from Note are exactly the same.

You can purchase the app HERE.

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