Synth Swap – a community rental marketplace for musicians in Berlin has launched its websites for early access subscribers. The website aims to build a community of musicians sharing with one another, creating local ecosystems.

Berlin-based Synth Swap is a community based online-marketplace where musicians can rent instruments and gear to one another. The company are putting the music community at the forefront of their goal, creating a group of hardware enthusiasts who can swap gear to each other.

As well as creating a hub of hardware enthusiasts the team is also trying to build a more sustainable ecosystem of consumption within the music industry. With raw materials getting more scarce and regulations regarding supply chains becoming tighter, were probably looking at a future with less instruments and higher prices. Synth Swap is looking towards a more eco-friendly way of renting gear for the future.

Our goal is to build a platform where inspiring devices are just a click away and where you can make money from your gear whenever you don’t need it. We’ve also made the experience safe and secure for you to use with our insurance and security solutions.

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