Hybrasil’s Elevator Program has just launched its flexible membership programme making the course one of the most affordable and powerful electronic music production courses on the market right now. Elevator Program features a robust and deep catalogue of on-demand videos, optimised for mobile and designed to teach students a more efficient way to produce music.

Elevator Program is a cost-effective and high-powered alternative to traditional programs, expediting the process from learning music production to releasing music through the team’s in-house record company. Elevator Program has a large and diverse portfolio of on-demand videos that are optimized for smartphones and geared to teach students how to compose music more efficiently.

The course hosts three different memberships: Silver, Gold, & Platinium. The exclusive membership plans are tailored to elevate students’ music production skills while giving them the tools to unleash their creativity and connect with a community of like-minded producers.

Recently techno producer, Ethos, who attended the course alongside releasing on the in-house label, found himself charting at #1 on Beatport’s Top 100 Techno tracks. The Elevator label has become a key part of the Elevator Program experience. It has platformed debut releases for artists such as Julia Tamzyn, Olympias, KERZ and Murademura.

A dream became reality when I started the Elevator Program. As a beginner with no experience with Ableton I began my journey with the Ableton 11 Essentials and progressed to Advanced Music Production before mentorship with Hybrasil. After following the course steps and guidance by Hybrasil I now have a deep understanding of Ableton and I have advanced production skills to help me bring my ideas to life.” – Ethos.

You can find out more about the Elevator Program Membership Program here.

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