Bull Horris has arranged a solidarity walk in Phoenix Park on Sunday at 2 p.m. in response to an event earlier this week in which a group of queer men were targeted and chased with knives through the park.

In an incident this week, three queer men walking in Dublin’s Phoenix Park were “hunted” by six men with knives because of their sexual orientation. The incident occurred during Pride Month, serving as a stark and brutal reminder that hate crimes like this continue to exist in Ireland.

The protest walk will start at the Concrete Shelter at 2 pm on Sunday and attendees are urged to bring banners, blankets and food.

“The pride flags that fly above the river Liffey, wrap shop fronts, hang in your workplace and across the country mean little while queer people continue to face ongoing hate and violence. They mean less still if our community meets incidents like this with silence during pride month.”Bull Horris.

Dance music culture and LGBTQ+ culture are closely interwoven, not just via its roots in Chicago, but through its roots in Dublin, where the first dance music venue Sides established the birthplace of dance music in Ireland. We urge members of Ireland’s dance music to stand up and have their voices heard in solidarity with a community that has given us so much. There would be no club culture without queer culture.

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