TikTok collaborates with Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music to improve your music library through music discovery on the app. This move further solidifies TikTok’s influence on modern music consumption.

TikTok collaborates with Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music to expand your music collection. The collaboration includes a new ‘Add to Music App’ option on TikTok for faster music discovery and library building.

Users can add songs straight from TikTok to their chosen music streaming app by selecting ‘Add Song’ at the bottom of the screen, where they will be presented with a list of platforms to which they can add them to.

Amazon Music’s Director of Business Development, Karolina Joynathsing said: “At Amazon Music, we’re looking to make it easier to convert those moments into enduring fandom. That’s why we worked together with TikTok on the Add to Music App feature.”

Spotify users in the UK and US will be able to save music straight to a ‘Liked music’ playlist. Spotify has also stated that as the service evolves, additional markets will be enabled. Users may also access the functionality via an artist’s Sound Detail page.

This move will further facilitate TikTok’s power and influence over modern music consumption. TikTok has been rapidly transforming young artist’s into global sensations over-night. The platform has rapidly changed the way music is consumed is bypassing major labels and radio in terms of influence.

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